Turkey Day

turkeysI am incredibly thankful for my husband Tom, my family, my job, my colleagues, my friends, my health, my farm and its critters and my happy little life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Go Hawks!!!!!


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Farm Grumpiness

Marji and Indy

Sometime things are not all about happy farmers taking care of happy animals.  Today I got off my night shift of work and had to go to the grocery store and post office before going home.  I made it out to the barn by 10:30, and no one was happy.  Bellering the loudest were the calf and the donkeys.  I fed the calf Indy her milk replacer bottle first, but the grumpy donkeys had to wait a little bit.

grumpy donkey

The sheep, geese and other cows were also upset about the lack of room service.

The chickens were spouting off about poor accommodations.

The pigs were besides themselves.

The dogs were trying hard to be patient with the poor service.

patient dogs

Even the critters on the neighbors property seemed grumpy

as did the starlings.

We have received 3.3 inches of rain in the last 5 days here and everything is muddy.  So maybe it is the weather?

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Meat Broths

beef bone broth broth for hogsWith having our animals butchered, there are many products that need dealing with that are not involved when you buy packaged meat from a grocery store.  I have eaten some unusual cuts of meats (for me anyway).  And I rendered lard.  But there are also organs and bones to find a use for.  For the chicken’s organs I boiled them in some water (above) and we fed them to the hogs.  For the chicken bones and necks I made chicken broth with them (below).

chicken broth

I like to use the Instant Pot I got for Christmas from my father.  You can use it as a timed pressure cooker so it is easy peasy.  I used it to make beef bone broth as well.

beef bone broth

I am trying to clear out some room in our freezer for more beef next month.



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