Donna, Mopar and Sunset puzzle

preview99 pieceDonna Mopar and sunset



Bittersweet. Mopar was diagnosed with an abdominal tumor last evening, likely cancer. It does not look like we will make it back to the beach together again.

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Signs of Spring?

Thank you for the suggestions from yesterday’s post to just keep slogging, knitting, spinning, and watching a facebook video.  Today as I was doing the farm chores, I started noticing what I thought might be signs of spring.  The peacock was displaying his feathers to his sister.  I did not get a photo of him doing it, but here’s a couple other pictures of him afterward:

peacock frontpeacock back I have been noticing that the geese have been fighting.  And our the chicks that had rained from the hay loft have started laying eggs:


Finally as I was walking back to the house I noticed this:


Croci!!!  It lifted my spirits.  But then naturally I started thinking about having to find the time and energy to get the winter tasks completed before spring, like pruning the orchard, building another bee hive, battling the blackberries, fixing fencing, etc.  But rather than accomplish any of these projects, I think I will knit!


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has been a hard month this year.
Our neighbor died unexpectedly at home.
Another neighbor found out she was being laid off from her job and that very night their house burnt down, taking almost all of their possessions and at least 3 cats.


Please provide support for them through their GoFundMe site.  This is devastating to them. They had no insurance and need your support.

We have not had death in our immediate family and our house has not burnt down, but this has been rough month for us as well.  We lost a duck and were scared of losing Sunny, our beagle.  We have both been working long hours at our jobs off the farm.  It has been cold, rainy and/or windy all month.  The skies are grey, during the brief hours that you can see it.  I have been tired, feeling worn out and sleeping more than usual.  I do not have the energy for extra farm tasks, just the basics.  And we are endanger of losing our public radio station KPLU where our favorite blues show is broadcast.

So what do you do for the January Blues?

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