Sonja and Maddie

Here they are yesterday.  Maddie had just been licking Sonja’s neck, but I missed that photo.

Today we gave them their immunizations, and it was less peaceful.  After much convincing they went into the barn and then each one into a pen.  There they were tied to a post and the shots given.  Sonja managed to step on my left foot and kick my right ankle in the process.  My foot is fine, but my ankle sure hurts.  They are now fine again, back in the pasture.  As Tom said during this “Don’t you love farming?”

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Medieval Dinner

My mom got me a great medieval cookbook for Christmas.

And we have been watching one season of Game of Thrones each month in anticipation of the new season starting in April. We are on season 5. So I decided to combine the two last Sunday.

I made two pottages for dinner. I made Buknade, a chicken, herb and egg one. And a pea pottage. Here they are cooking,

And here they are served

Tom did not try them. I thought they were good. Comforting but not spicy.

I also made a medieval custard.

There are saffron strands in it but no sweetener. I added our blueberries on top.

It was nice but again Tom was not a fan. But it felt medieval to me which was perfect for two episodes of GOT.

Unrelated post script:

Just found out I am going to be a Gramma again in August. So thrilled!!!!!

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We bought this CVM ewe from Little Orchard farm when she was 6 months old.  I was intrigued to have a sheep with this style of wool.  She just hung out on our farm and was sheared once per year giving us lovely crimpy variegated fleeces.  But she was ornery.  A friend Delilah who was helping me try to shear her named her.  Here are photos of Mutiny from over the years here:

But age caught up with her too.  She became blind and thin.  She was put in a separate pen with other older sheep and fed grain and wetted alfalfa pellets.  She also got slices of bread which she loved.  But over the last couple of days she stopped eating and standing so we put her down yesterday.

Yesterday sucked.

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