package of bees

I picked up my package of bees on the way home from work this morning.  Above is my package, and below is them in my car.

package of bees in my car trunk

After I got the syrup ready I tried to move them into the hive my cousin Jay gave me.  I managed to get about half the bees in the hive and then finally found the queen “cage”.  It was actually more of a box.  I took the cork out like the books say expecting a candy plug, but what I assume was the queen rapidly flew out.  I dearly hope she found her way to the hive.  I tried to convince the rest of the bees to move to the hive, but many stayed in the box.  I put the hive together but then was worried that the entrance feeder did not seem to be working.  So then I opened up the hive again and set up a baggie feeder as well.  Here is everything set up in our orchard.

bee hive

I watched them periodically through the afternoon as I was sitting in the sun and reading one of the bee books Jay gave me.  As the day progressed the bees did gradually move into the hive with very few left outside.  So I am thinking it was a success.  We will know for sure in a week.  Wish me luck in my bee keeping adventure.

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Sunny Spring Day Farm Work

Hazelnut closeupIt is the last sunny day per the weather guessers for the next few days.  So we went into high gear to get some tasks completed before the rains return.  I skirted, judged, weighed, photographed and bagged 12 fleeces. They will be posted on our Fiber for Sale Page tomorrow.

12 fleeces

While I was doing this, Tom rototilled our garden and got some seeds started.

rototilled garden

And our beagle held the lawn down.

sunny beagle

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My Birthday Present!

trailer frontMy husband today bought me a Boles Aero Nonpareil trailer.  It is 26 feet, and we think from 1968 or 1969.  Above is the front of the trailer, and below is the back.

trailer back

Next is the kitchen.  We are planning on doing some minor repairs and supplying it.

trailer kitchenAnd here is the divider between the kitchen and dining area.

trailer dinisg kitchen divider

Then we plan on towing it up to my dad’s “cabin” to have additional space to stay up there.  These are the fish in the shower.

trailer fish in shower

And here are the rest of the photos.

trailer boles aero

trailer doortrailer light fixturetrailer sticker

We look forward to camping in it this summer!

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