Puyallup Fair

Puyallup Fair
September Fifteenth:

This last weekend we went to the Fair! It was the first weekend of the Puyallup Fair, and the open class sheep were there. There were 3 barns with sheep in them but essentially only one Shetland breeder. Three different sheep breeders I know really thought I should show my sheep at the local Skagit Fair as well as at the Puyallup. I explained that I never have any lambs left by August and September to show but then realized if I breed more ewes I may have enough to show in the late summer. I feel it’s important to promote sheep and wool, Shetland in particular, but is it OK to create sheep just for showing? It’s also a big time commitment and monetary one too as I’d need to miss three days of work. Finally there’s the possibility that the sheep may pick up disease there. It would be fun although exhausting as well. I probably could get some help from family and friends, and it may be fun for them too. Something to think about until November when I need to make breeding decisions.

This last Wednesday I took our puppy, kitten and a rabbit in to be fixed. The kitten and puppy had rabies shots as well. It cost $200 but is well worth it to prevent unwanted breedings (like there’s were). They are all recovering nicely.

2006-09-15 15:50:03 GMT
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