Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006
Even Christmas is more difficult when you have critters. We came home from spending Christmas Eve and morning in Seattle so we could feed the critters and then head up to Bellingham for more festivities. When we went out to the barn the cows had broken through the 4′ woven wire fence topped with electrified barbed wire and were in the barn, chasing the llamas and knocking over the sheep feeders. We chased the cows back out, fed them to keep them in their pasture, and mended the fence. We finished the animal chores, and I counted the baby bunnies after their mothers had fed them, and one was missing. I went out to the barn and found a baby bunny under the hutch. It had somehow gotten to the other end of the hutch and had fallen out. I placed the bunny in with its mother to let it eat more and then brought it back into the house with the others. Finally we were going to leave (quite late at this point), and we discovered that our youngest and most misbehaved dog had dug up my beloved dog Mica’s grave and was walking around the yard with her skull in her mouth. This was more than I could take so Tom got the skull and reburied it and the rest of the grave and placed a large piece of wood over the top. Nothing like Christmas on the farm!
2006-12-26 05:19:07 GMT
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