Cool weather

Cool weather
It’s been cool and relatively dry recently- it’s a welcome change from all the storms we’ve had recently. I took this photo to demonstrated the amazing insulating qualities of wool. That’s ice on the tips of the wool- black shows it better than other colors. The model is Spike- our one eyed wether.

Our baby bunnies are doing well except for 3 that have died. They are died of malnutrition. Eleven bunnies is just too many for one mother to handle. I’ve been letting some of them nurse on the other doe first and trying to feed the malnourished ones with warmed cow’s milk by eye dropper but it didn’t work for these three- one who was quite thin seems to be fattening up nicely now though. It’s sad but you can’t keep them all alive- it seems.

2006-12-30 23:52:59 GMT
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