But wait……There’s more!

But wait……There’s more!
My beloved husband Tom (a wonderful man, by the way) had accidentally left the door unlatched to the pen where the rams were being reintroduced to each other on December 16th, 2006. This resulted in the rams being in with the flock of sheep for the better part of a day. This exposed 7 ewes we hadn’t planned on breeding to them. Now the chances of any given one being in heat were somewhat slim, and two of them are old and thin (and hopefully not still cycling). But this morning I found this little cutey with his mother Suzette. One other ewe looks like her udder is full (Wink), but the others don’t appear to be pregnant. So now there’s a few more nights of 2AM barn checks. I think I’ll ask Tom to do it.
2007-05-07 22:10:54 GMT
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