October surprise

October surprise
This morning I went out to do the usual animal chores, expecting to get them done fairly quickly so I could go do some shopping when I heard a small animal’s cry. I knew that one of my ewes was potentially due (although unlikely because of the time of year) so I looked for a lamb. I couldn’t find one, and I thought maybe Merlin had developed a high pitch cry but then listened to him and it wasn’t. Finally I looked in the donkey shelter currently being used by breeding does and our buck Mr. and found these two cuties. I had forgotten that Patches Pal had briefly snuck through a small hole in the fence in May. I thought she was looking a little fat recently and had noticed she had a little udder but thought it was just still a little prominent from her weaning. She had just been weaned May 2nd so I didn’t think she was cycling during her escape and didn’t think much of it but she must have immediately become pregnant. The kids are deep red so I am sure they are from Cody- all of Mr.’s kids are mahogany colored. Plus they aren’t polled. It is a breed back situation though since Cody is Patches’ father, but they seem to be doing well. We are naming them Esmerelda and Ggoorrsstt of JP Patches fame. So I had to quickly get iodine on their cords and get a pen cleaned up, laid out shavings and moved them and their mother. I got grain, hay and water for her and started Sulfa for coccidiosis prevention. So much for my quick animal chores today. But it’s worth it, of course.
2007-10-20 20:37:04 GMT
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