Tribute to Lucy

Tribute to Lucy

Today one of my first sheep died. Her name is Primolana Lucile. She was born in April 1994, and I purchased her in August of 1999. For me she produced wonderful lambs- Leif, Lydia, Lily, Liam, Luna, Lou, Lenny and Lonny. She was an ornery and strong ewe who took me and my father for a ride once in the mud when we tried to catch her. She was a bear to get on the shearing stand and keep her there. She made wonderful white wool and had a beautiful red face. I retired her from breeding when she was 10 years old, and she was supposed to have a nice retirement here. This last few months she became arthritic so I’ve been keeping her in a pen and feeding her extra along with two other older thin sheep. Today she couldn’t stand up but still gobbled down the grain I gave to her. I went to check other animals and came back, and she was dead. I think she had a nice life with me- I hope so anyway. I do still have three of her offspring (Lily, Lou and Lonny) in our flock and can remember her through them.
2007-12-10 03:05:48 GMT

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Oh, how hard to find her dead! But based on finding my cat dead and having to put my dog down this year, I think it’s easier to have them go peacefully on their own. And it sounds like she was happy to the end, enjoying her grain. Be assured, you DID give her a good life, good shepherd.

–Michelle at Boulderneigh


2007-12-11 19:01:25 GMT


Thank you- I hope so.


2007-12-13 03:05:33 GMT


I am so sorry to hear about your ol’gal, Donna. It’s always hard to lose the ones who have served you so well for so long. Her age is a tribute to your care, Donna. And may you remember her through her offspring.


Sheep Thrills Farm

2007-12-18 01:20:38 GMT


Thank you- I decided to breed her daughter Lily to continue her genetics in our flock.


2007-12-19 22:43:29 GMT


I can confirm that she was very stubborn and indeed could drag you through the mud.


2007-12-27 00:48:40 GMT


Yes she sure could, but I don’t think any of us will forget how hard we laughed that day!


2007-12-28 16:44:56 GMT

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