Today Delilah came over to help me shear sheep. We got 7 sheep sheared until the shearers again gave up the ghost. We did two Shetland wethers from last spring that are hard to catch- they make great evasive maneuvers with quick turns and sudden leaps. We also sheared the CVM who is hard to catch and quite strong. Two wethers had horns which make nice handles. All had nice fleeces. The lambs’ fleeces had extra VM like usual. The problem is that when I set the shears on the feeder to do hooves, shots, etc the other sheep sometimes get their legs in the extension cord that lays on the ground when I set the clippers down- then they freak out and run and drag the clippers behind them. This time they broke 3 teeth of the new comb on the shearers and damaged the electric cord where it enters the shearers. I didn’t realize this until I started shearing the 7th sheep- the CVM (we decided to name her Mutiny today). So then I tried to alter the shearers to make them work, and we managed to get the sheep half clipped before I finally gave up and used the hand sheared. Thankfully my husband Tom just came home from work and fixed the electrical cord. Now I just need to order new combs, and we are back in business!
2008-03-20 00:26:00 GMT
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