This was a gorgeous day- finally no snow, sleet, hail, freezing winds, torrential downpours- just sunshine and warmish temperatures. Every animal we own was basking in it- from the largest cows to the smallest cats and chickens. I even laid down in the sheep’s field in the sun with Coco and Bob while they chewed cud. It felt so good. As I have finished shearing sheep (except the older skinny ones that I may or may not do) I took it a little easy- put up a tarp, repaired another tarp shelter, & fixed the hog panel on the kids’ pen. Then I went to a Mariners’ game – another rite of spring, I guess. Spring is finally springing, and it is much needed and appreciated by all the critters here- myself including.
2008-04-04 01:46:01 GMT
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