Doing the Puyallup

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7 Responses to Doing the Puyallup

  1. corinne says:

    OH how FUN!


  2. Dave says:

    Was that Heart in concert???? A couple of folks I work with went and said it was a pretty good show ­čÖé


  3. Donna says:

    Yes, we had a great time, except for sore feet and knees from walking a lot. Yes and that was Heart- we thought it was a great show!


  4. HisTek says:

    thanks for sharing your photos. i haven’t been to the Puyallup in years. It’s a lot bigger than the Chelan fair!


  5. Donna says:

    I have gone most years as long as I can remember. It has enlarged a lot but still has some of the old-fashioned stuff left. Those are the parts that I enjoy.


  6. Gail V says:

    your county fair looks as good as our State Fair! Wow!
    I wanna go!


  7. Donna says:

    It is the Western Washington Fair- so almost a State Fair and one of the biggest fairs in the country- is my understanding anyway.


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