Over the rivers

And through the woods

to Waterville and Orondo we go!

We checked out the fair,

Old buildings and farms,

And stayed at the historic hotel, oh!

Over the rivers

And through the woods

Back toward home we go

With peaches and crabapples,

Antiques, wool and cider,

Chips and the best salsa we know, oh!

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4 Responses to Over the rivers

  1. sheepsclothing says:

    And those peaches look wonderful. What kind of wool did you bring home? Any chance you guys would be interested in more apples this year?–I’m sure to have more than I can deal with again.


    • We bought some local white cashmere roving from a place in Chelan Falls called Warehouse Woolery. It is a nice yarn shop there we found.

      We would love more of your great apples. Let us know when they are ready for picking.


  2. jackie says:

    Hey Donna,
    you were near our neck of the woods. You should have let me know! it was fun seeing familiar sights on your pictures! i love Warehouse Woolery. Patty, who owns it, gave us a Merino years ago that Ondra showed at the Chelan County fair when she was 8. It got us on the path to where we are now.
    Looks like the peaches and crabapples will keep you busy!


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