Sheepherding obsession

After I became enthralled with sheep in 1997 (after petting one at the fair), I became obsessed with all things sheepherding.  So I have been collecting books, old photos, antique equipment, etc.  Part of my interest is in western sheepherding, and this includes the Basque immigrant culture.  So after years of it being on the “to do” list, I finally made it to the Basque Museum in Boise.  The current exhibit is more about Basque whaling (less interesting to me then sheepherding), but there were some sheep-related stuff there.  Below is Basque wool combs:

And a sheep wagon:

Plus we were able to finish off the day with Basque cider and Spanish wine with a sheep label.

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6 Responses to Sheepherding obsession

  1. goatgirl says:

    The sheep wagon looks kind of comfortable. I ate in a Basque restaurant this summer in Bakersfield. Basque food is very popular there.


    • I love those sheep wagons. Would love to have one but the original ones are quite expensive. I asked Tom to make me one but I think it is kind of low on the list of priorities. We did not get a chance to try to food though.


  2. sheepsclothing says:

    What a cool wagon. I had no idea there was a Basque museum in Boise.


  3. Been trying to catch up on my blog buddies. Alot of great post, sorry it has been so long since I last got to comment. Looks like it has been a great summer, lots of really nice pics.


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