Working Smarter

This is proof.  Rather than using a wheel barrow and shovel or our tractor (which tears up the ground, breaks down, and gets stuck), we rented this skid steer to move gravel into the barn.

By noon Tom was almsot done, and we hired his son to rake it.  (Tom would not let me rake.)  Here’s the result:


Both Vanessa and I are doing better today.  We seem to have less pain and slight improved walking.  Hopefully we are both on the mend!

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2 Responses to Working Smarter

  1. Teresa says:

    It’s amazing the difference up-to-date equipment can have on making life easier. I still have to rely on my nephew and dad for a lot of help. Hopefully, some day I can have more of the equipment I need. glad you two are doing better. Our thoughts are with you both.


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