Sheep Shearing March 3rd!



So our sheep and goat shearing day is scheduled for Thursday, March 3rd.  We would really appreciate some help.  I will be recovering from surgery as well as still having back problems.  Tom also has back and knee problems.  So anyone who would like to help handle animals or fleeces is welcome!  I am offering a free fleece of your choice (first response, first choosing) to anyone who helps.  If you are interested, please contact me for time and directions.

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4 Responses to Sheep Shearing March 3rd!

  1. Bluff Country Shepherdess says:

    Oh, I hope you can find some good helpers! That is no job for somebody with a bad back or knee problems! Have you notified your local spinning/weaving guild and or possibly put up a notice at your feed store & LYS???

    Good Luck!

    It’s not like I already hate shearing day anyway…the thought of doing it with a bad (worse than usual) back is NOT a pretty thought!


  2. Chai Chai says:

    I would love to help but I live too far away. I would really like to see a shearing happen, but almost no other sheep around here.


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