Farmers Market

We finally made it to the Bow Little market to sell our wares.  We had lettuce, baby carrots and onions to sell.  We also had plant starts- tomatoes, peppers and cedar.  There was also door mats made from baling twine.  And there was wool roving from our Shetland sheep.  We sold $28 worth of our farm’s products.  And it was a nice relaxing afternoon of spinning and enjoying the weather.

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7 Responses to Farmers Market

  1. Fantastic. I loved seeing this post come threw today. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and looks like a beautiful day. Your vegies look very nice. Great job!

    I would like to have seen your door mats. I’ll check out some of your older blogs and see if I missed them.



    • Thanks Zakgirl! The door mats are posted on Ravelry. I try to keep the fiber projects there and the farm projects on the blog. But obviously it is hard to separate sometimes. I can send you better photos of them if you’d like.


  2. If only I could have been there. I would have brought heaps 🙂



  3. Teresa says:

    I always enjoyed going to the farmer’s market. You meet such nice people!


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