What the Cottonwood Trees gave us

The cottonwoods we took down last month gave us firewood (which will be dry in about 2 years), shavings (to keep the mud at bay),

dikes for our ditches (to prevent flooding and provide a walkway for our barn cat),

more material for dikes (to be used once the ground freezes or dries up),

and stepping stones (so our goats do not need to get their feet dirty).

By the way, I counted the rings on the largest of these rounds, and there were 16.  So if these trees were really only 16 years old , they were growing like crazy, particularly in the 9.5 years we have had the place.  I am glad we did not wait longer before we cut them down.

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6 Responses to What the Cottonwood Trees gave us

  1. sheepsclothing says:

    bet the goats love their stepping stones- such a cute photo 🙂


  2. Lenn Howard says:

    Hi, I live in AZ and our property around Sedona has big cottonwood trees that the utility company chopped down about 18 months ago. Question: have you had any experience with the cottonwood logs giving a bad smell? Have you used them before successfully? Is the guy we contacted to donate the firewood just messin’ with us so he can charge to haul off? thx



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