Spring Preparations

I have been trying to plan for spring.  I am gathering supplies for spring goat and sheep maintenance and today ordered a capsule balling gun and albendazole from Caprine Supply.  I am hoping this balling gun will help give copper capsules to the goats more easily.  I am also making plans for lambing and kidding.  Trying to make sure there is space in the barn to keep the pregnant ewes and does for extra nutrition.  They will need their maintenance a little earlier than the rest of the flock.  I believe I have all the lambing and kidding supplies already but will need to double check that I am not forgetting something.  I discover this document about how to tube feed small ruminants.  I already have done this, quite a few times, but I thought it was a great resource for anyone that is new to it.  This is really a life saver for weak lambs and kids.  I have saved several using it.  See Fourth Page of original Farm Blog, Up to our Ears in Baby Goats!, Plans Gone Awry,  and Lambs- Old and New for examples.  Below is Lambikins who was saved by it last spring.

Dete lamb

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