April Fool’s Kids

Shorty had her kids at 3AM this morning.  The first one, the doeling, she licked but would not nurse and the second one, a buckling, she would not even lick.  With much persistence we got the first one to nurse, warmed up the second one and got him to nurse too.  Now Shorty seems to be with the program, and they are together in a clean pen with a heating pad.  It is cool out so I hope they continue to do well.

Shortys kids

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6 Responses to April Fool’s Kids

  1. Teresa says:

    What a start to kidding! Glad they are doing well now.


  2. Laura Brown says:

    You have had an exciting couple of days, congrats! Will you be selling whethers this year? We may be interested in 2 for pets. Thanks, Laura


  3. Chai Chai says:

    Hey, I have two kids that look just like yours!


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