Tanya had Twins

woodpeckerAfter a long night we saw this woodpecker this morning near our barn.  We got some alfalfa hay and CMPK in Rosie this morning.  She is doing better but not great.  She is eating, drinking and standing some but not normal amounts.  We are hoping she does not relapse. Marjie, her calf, seems to be doing well.

While I was doing the animal chores I noticed our 50%Gotland-50% Finn ewe Tanya Tucker was in early labor.  I prepared a lambing pen for her and went in for lunch.  When I had my lunch almost made, a half hour had passed and I thought I should check on her.  She was hollering and pushing hard so I helped her bring the head out and she delivered this ram lamb.

MerleAt this point he appears to be black with the white Gotland spot on his head.  He stood and nursed right away.  Then she delivered another ram lamb easily.

WaylonIsn’t he cute?  He looks a little like his Shetland father Lewis.  He also stood and nursed well.  Everyone is doing well.  Two more does and 2 more ewes to go!  So far no losses this year, although it got close last night.  And I got to eat my lunch.




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5 Responses to Tanya had Twins

  1. Michelle says:

    They look like fabulous additions to your fleece flock! Congrats!


  2. mcfwriter says:

    I love Sapsuckers – I don’t see them much where I am now (don’t have the trees they like), only Downy and Pileated woodpeckers here. The new rams are cute – the second one especially! Congratulations!


    • Donna says:

      Thanks for correcting me on the bird Maureen. They are cute and will be cuter tomorrow.


      • mcfwriter says:

        Not a correction, Donna – just further identifying the type of woodpecker (full name is Red Breasted Sapsucker). 🙂 They drill those series of holes for the sap to run, then come back to harvest it and the insects attracted to it. I miss seeing them here like I did in my last house (and they used to come to my apple trees in the fall) – they’re so flashy and pretty. Sort of like your cute little Waylon!


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