Old Sheep

sadieToday I did some maintenance on the old skinny sheep.  Above is Sadie, one of the two first sheep I got.  She has gone blind this last winter and is  quite thin.  But she is getting around OK despite her lack of vision and eats quite well.  Since the weather finally warmed up, I trimmed her wool so she will not get overheated.  I gave her a copper supplement, her CDT shot, trimmed her hooves, and wormed her.  Not sure she will last another winter, but I have been surprised before.  Below is Bob, one of my first lambs, getting his maintenance done.  He does not look too happy.

bobNext I caught Sheila for her maintenance.  She is one year older than Bob but in better shape.  I just did a little trimming on her.  It is tricky because I do not want to take off so much wool that they do not have enough insulation for the winter in case they cannot grow much wool.  But I want them to be comfortable with the heat and laying down without matts.  I could not catch one more old skinny sheep, Jenny.  I will try later.

sheilaHopefully these things I do will help them live better in their remaining time.

PS An unexpected action goat shot today.

action goat shotPPS A photo of our Chain of Gold tree today in the sunshine.

chain of gold





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2 Responses to Old Sheep

  1. Lois says:

    We do the same for our old ones. They don’t get shorn with the rest of the group, but get trimmed (usually in May) down to an inch or two of wool. But you are right, they don’t grow much wool in their rocking-chair-days.


    • Donna says:

      Thanks Lois! They look like neglected sheep with their scraggly wool but at least it helps keep them warm. I have to be careful trimming their hooves as they do not grow much their either and careful with their boluses with their teeth. Geriatric shepherding.


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