Pickin’ Up the Meat

silvanaI picked up our meat on my way home from work this morning.  It was one 234# hog, one 238# hog and one 40# lamb, all hanging weights.  Although the cut and wrap weight is quite a bit less, this really loaded down my little car.  And it does not include the smoked meats that will be ready in 2 weeks.

meat car


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2 Responses to Pickin’ Up the Meat

  1. tbnranch says:

    I thought I had a little farm, but after I looked through your beautiful blog I realize I live on a postage stamp. I liked this post, but probably for a reason you won’t understand. You bought 400 some lbs of hog and lamb meat? I guess I’m just a city girl… where on earth do you put it? I don’t think I’d even know what to do with it if I had it. Fun to read about our differences. Thanks for sharing.


    • Donna says:

      Thanks tbn! We only have 12.5 acres so we are a little farm. We did not buy it, I just picked up what we recently had butchered, two hogs and a lamb. We have two chest freezers that they fit in with our chickens and beef as well as some elk Tom’s son is storing here, two birds that Tom hopes to have stuffed someday and some frozen berries. It is tight. And we still need to pick up the smoked meat. We are selling one of the hogs and the lamb to family and friends.


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