Heated Rain Gauge

rain gaugeSo in 2000 my grandfather asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I wrote him a “rain guage* that won’t freeze & break in the winter or a medium sized saucepan with lid”.  So that started the engineer in him to design and test a rain gauge that would meet these criteria.  Here are some of his plans and testing results.

heated rain gauge plans and testsInitially I would forget to record the rainfall amounts and finally the glass tube in it broke.  I finally replaced it and started more diligently to record the rainfall.  Here are the results:

rain gauge (SS)

So you can see we get roughly 67 inches per year of rain here.  My grandfather died last year so I cannot share my results with him.  What do you think he would say?


*I spelled it wrong on my note to him.  Much better present than a saucepan, don’t you think?

Now I need to replace the waterproofing on it so it can stay in use for a long time.



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