Solo Farming


So I have been on my own on the farm for 9 days.  Tom has been on an 1000 mile dirtbiking trip.  Above are the usual daily animal chores as previously written out for our farm sitter.  There is also house cleaning, laundry, dishes and cooking to do.  But there are additional chores that need to be done this busy time of year.  The barn needs to be mucked out,

muckingmanure needs to be spread,

manure spreader and cartfruits and vegetables need to be harvested,

crabapplesand preserved for winter.

green beans ready for freezer


Eggs need to be washed and sold,

washed eggsand dogs need to be deskunked (below is the deskunking/torture station).

skunky dog wash station

wet dogsFinally the hot tub needs to be prepared for the imminent return of my presumably sore husband.

hot tubAnd I will appreciate a hot soak too after these last 9 days!

PS Below a gratuitous dirty faced pigs photo 🙂

dirty faced piggies








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2 Responses to Solo Farming

  1. Michelle says:

    You’ve got your hands full and then some!

    Did the deskunking recipe work for you?


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