Spring Sheep Maintenance 2014

tanya in sheep chairToday we took on the grueling task of spring sheep maintenance.  We caught the sheep flock in the barn then individually caught each one and placed it in the sheep chair (not sure what the sheep would call it).  I trimmed their hooves while Tom gave them a cobalt-selenium-copper bolus.  I checked their body condition and their conjunctival color (no surprises there).  I then gave them a dose of albendazole wormer and a CDT shot.  They were then free to go.

I was debating about worming them this spring.  I had watched a program about sheep parasite management from http://www.optimalag.com/ and was not going to worm the entire flock.  But I really worry about liver flukes here so went ahead and gave the albendazole.

The photo above is of Tanya, our Gotland-Finn ewe, obviously enjoying her mani-pedi.  My back and legs ached after doing all of this on 33 sheep, but a hot bath really helped.


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