Tanning a Sheepskin Part 3

sheepskin after first picklingThis is the third segment on our first (and maybe last) attempt at tanning a sheepskin at home.  You can view Part 1 and Part 2.  Warning this post has quite a few photos.

On March 6 we continued our tanning process by pulling the sheepskin out of the first pickling solution (above) and then degreasing it (below).

degreasing sheepskinIt went back into the pickling solution (pH 2.0) and then on St. Paddy’s Day we pulled it from this solution and drained it.

sheepskin after second picklingThen we put it in a neutralizing solution (baking soda and water).

sheepskin in neutralizing solutionAnd then rinsed it.

Tom rinsing sheepskinAfter draining it was ready to go into the tanning solution.  It stayed in the tanning solution at room temperature for 20 hours.

sheepskin draining before going into tanning solution

skin in tanning solutionYesterday it was pulled from the smelly tanning solution and then drained for 2 hours, keeping it at room temperature.

skin drainingAnd then spread out on a board (unused homemade gate) and brushed with a hot oil solution, still trying to maintain room temperature using a wood stove.


The oiled sheepskin was then folded up and sweated at room temperature for 4 hours.

sweatingThen last night before bed, it was nailed out onto a board, the skin pulled up on the nails away from the wood and propped up for drying.

dryingThe next steps will be more drying, stretching and finishing, all in Part 4 coming soon!











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