Fiber Day

Fiber Day at Bow Little Market was a success.  We had washed fleeces, roving and yarns for sale.  We did rope making demonstrations using baling twine.  And we had fresh produce for sale.  The ropes we made were a success with the kids (as jump ropes).  We sold produce and wool.  I got the chance to spin.  Tom made some purchases from other vendors.  And we had the opportunity to socialize with folks we know and new people as well.  It was a nice sunny day and was relaxing.  Therefore a success.

Fiber day stand


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3 Responses to Fiber Day

  1. Vicki says:

    Shoot! I didn’t make it back yesterday. Are you going to be there next Thursday as well?


    • Donna says:

      That’s OK Vicki. It was nice to see you. We will not be at the market next week. Our next market will be the Harvest Festival on October 4. Plus you can always come by the farm too.


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