Second Week Beehive Check

bees of top of frameThis afternoon I checked my bee hive again.  Above are the bees climbing between the frames after the lid was removed.  The one in the middle seems to be looking right at me.  Next is looking down the frame after one had been removed.

Looking down frame with bees

Here are the bees working on a frame.

bees working frame

And another less developed frame.

bees on another frame

And finally my first larva seen!  This proves I have a queen working in the hive.

my first larva spotting


And here are several larvae!

a few larvae

I managed not to spill sugar syrup all over this time.  But my smoker gave out on me too quick.  So I am on a learning curve still.


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2 Responses to Second Week Beehive Check

  1. I find bee keeping fascinating, and I’m glad it’s going well for both bees and YOU! 🙂


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