Our 12th Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival

was this last weekend.  I went with Tom and Bluesie the Floozie (our 1976 Dodge camper van).



We drove over on Thursday morning after fellow Winthropers Anne and Jeff stopped by Wednesday and we caravanned over.  We set up camp and checked out the other campsites.  Friday morning we got the news from our farmsitter that a mink had killed 5 of our chickens and one duck.  Tom called his son who came over and killed the mink that afternoon.


Mink teeth

After this we were able to enjoy air conditioning at Three Fingered Jack’s in the air conditioning.  That evening we set up our chairs in front of the stage and went to the beer garden for music.  The next morning the festival was underway in earnest.  Warning the videos are amateur but do reflect the performances.

California Honeydrops

California Honeydrops

Sunday started with a great performance.

which continued.

Studebaker John

Studebaker John

One of my favorite performers Duffy Bishop sang next.  I got the rare opportunity to hear her belt out a song after her mike went dead (sorry about my commentary).

Duffy Bishop

Duffy Bishop

It was hot for us and the audio guys as well.

sweaty audio guy

The Paladins were great

and Too Slim was there, of course.


Too Slim

TOO SLIM and crowd

TOO SLIM and crowd

And he had guests.

Too Slim with Dave Gonzalez and Peter Dammann

Too Slim with Dave Gonzalez and Peter Dammann

There was a pretty sunset as we headed to the beer garden

Sunset over stage

Clouds over beer gardenwhere we saw an amazing performance with the bartender and a harp player with the Duffy Bishop Band.

We drove back Monday morning to face farm chores including putting up 2.5 tons of hay.

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