Fall Sheep Maintenance

Maybelle sheep maintenance

Maybelle sheep maintenance

Today Tom and I performed our sheep maintenance tasks for the season.  Above are the last two sheep we caught of 29.  Maybelle is not enjoying herself as her sister looks on.  We are doing things a little differently this year.  We are giving Copasure 2 gram capsules instead of the Cosecure boluses.  We have cobalt mineral blocks for them to lick as well.  We are not worming them as the copper oxide is supposed to help with parasites, and they all had good color and condition (except the old ones).  So we just gave the capsules with some corn syrup and trimmed their hooves.  A little easier than usual, but after 29 sheep I was pretty sore.  We will wait to do the 3 really ancient sheep and the ram group for another day.

ram group

ram group

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3 Responses to Fall Sheep Maintenance

  1. KathyB. says:

    Boy, just catching and worming 15 sheep wears me out, 29 is a very good work day and I can believe you’re sore and worn out !


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