Spring Sheep Maintenance

Wynette getting hooves trimmed

was today, since Tom unexpectedly had the day off of work.  We wrangled all 33 of our sheep (except Daphnie who is fading).  We trimmed their hooves (that’s me above with Maybelle).  We also gave them CDT shots, copper capsules and ivermectin drench.  We also checked their body condition and conjunctival color.  There were not many surprises, just that  Dete, our Cotswold ewe, was a little thin and the sheep in our ram pasture all had some hoof separation.  Although their pen is not muddy or flooding, it is moist and there is no good shelter with dry bedding for them.  Next year they will have a much better shelter.  I ended up falling on my left side hard against posts twice and got my left hand stuck in a horn while wrangling sheep.  Tom made an amazing leaping, rolling tackle to catch a fleeing lamb.  I feel like I have been in a bar brawl. Tom is a little sore.  The plan is to take it easy this evening.

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