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Six-Layer Dinner

For dinner tonight, I used this recipe from Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book from 1950. I picked it because we have plenty of hamburger left from Tormund, the bull we butchered last year. Here it is all cooked. Despite the … Continue reading

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17th Date-iversary

We missed our date-iversary on Saturday.  Tom was out of town.  And now I am not feeling well.  So we are going to have a nice steak dinner (thanks to Indy) at home.  It is 17 years and 3 days … Continue reading

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Cows and Crows

This is from the other morning.  I was feeding the cows and llama on a cold foggy morning.  They are no longer getting grain but are getting hay and some bread.   The foggy on the hill behind them was … Continue reading

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