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Brief Downton Eating

As I mentioned, I had started to feel better.  So on Sunday I started some Downton cooking again.  I made a cocktail to go with the cooking.  This one was the Downton Heir, in honor of Matthew becoming the heir … Continue reading

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Downton Cocktails during Illness

I was not supposed to do food preparation during my illness, but nobody said I couldn’t make cocktails for myself. So I continued my Downton Abbey Cocktail Book odyssey. The first cocktail was the Improved Brandy Cocktail on Sunday evening. … Continue reading

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Selling Llama Packs

We are selling our pack gear.  We no longer have llamas or pack goats so it is time to find new homes for these packs.  It is sad though because this mean I will not be back packing any more. … Continue reading

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