Traditional Swedish Christmas Ham – Julskinka

So we were invited to a Holiday party last evening, and I was in charge of cooking one of our hams for it. So I googled around and found this recipe for a Swedish Christmas ham.

But I did not have any grainy Swedish mustard so I used this recipe to make some.

In research the ham recipe more, it seems like crumbs made from Swedish rye crispbread is traditionally used. And I did not have any of this so used this recipe to make some.

The ham cooked in the oven but took at little longer than I had planned. I put the coating on and finished cooking it. It cooled a little and Tom carved it. We put it on one of my grandmother’s platters and brought it to the party.

Then it disappeared. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was a lovely party, catching up with old friends.

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Chickens Spreading Straw

I decided that the south portion of the barn could use some straw today.  Fortunately the chickens love to spread the hay for me.  So all I have to do is open up a bale and they take it from there.

I am not sure Peewee is impressed as I am though.

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Oh Christmas tree!

So last evening we got the tree up and decorated.  It is a nostalgic experience putting up the ornaments and garland.  Some belonged to my Gramma White and to my Gramma and Grampa Stone.  Some we given to me throughout my life.  Some were made by me as a child and as an adult.  Some I purchased and represent things that are important to me.  Some Tom and his kids made, and some were giving to him over his life.  I think Christmas trees are a lovely tradition.  So here is our tree all decorated with a flash and in the dark.

Delightful memories of Christmas’ past.

I did this while drinking my grandfather’s favorite egg nog.

Here is a copy of the original recipe (The George Dickel #8 is in case you cannot find Four Roses which I did find).


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