LeMay Museum

We visited today, mostly to see the Honda motorcycle exhibit there now. Here are the photos of what I found interesting:

It is our 16th wedding anniversary. We are heading home for a farm dinner.

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Did not die but he tried to. Last week he separated himself from the flock and stopped eating. I thought maybe he got into something that could have cause some bloat or hardware disease. We gave it a couple of days, and it did not improve. I started worrying about urinary calculi. On Sunday I called the vet but received no response. So Monday morning Tom called the vet to come out while I went to Swedish Day. He thought it was calculi so Tom brought him into the clinic for blood work and surgery. After the blood work he thought it was more likely that he had consumed something poisonous and kept him overnight for IVF. The next day he was 50% better, but they decided to keep him another night. That next afternoon he had recovered enough to go home. I was working so Tom picked him up. The tech there thought that he was cute. Every time someone came in the door he was hoping it was us bringing him home. But Wednesday afternoon he got his wish. Here he is being let into the barnyard again.

Tom said he immediately ran to his goat buddies and started eating. He is doing well. He is one tough goat. He survived a cougar attack while the rest of the flock was killed. He is missing part of one ear and has a limp in his left ear after this attack. We got him in 2011 as a 3 year old buck after this attack near the Rogue River. Later we had him wethered, and he just hangs out as a friendly blue eyed goat.

Unfortunately we do not know what he got into. We cannot find anything. We have had mushroom problems at this time of year in the past. But I do not see any. I hope he will be okay and continue to be our friendly blue-eyed goat.

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Swedish Dinner

Dinner preparations began with a cocktail. I used the Elderflower Drink Concentrate.

I used a suggestion to put ice, our mint, and our raspberries in a glass. I added 2 tablespoons of the concentrate and then my sparking plum wine.

It was good. Later I tried it with my perry which was better because I could taste the elderflower better.

Then I made the Västerbottensost Cheese Pie. I put it in the oven and got the Gravlax ready.

Then I got the Hovmästarsås (mustard sauce) ready.

Here is the pie ready.

And here is the dinner.

The Gravlax with the mustard sauce on crispbread was much better than I anticipated. It was actually quite good. The pie was good too. Tom complained about the lack of vegetables but had made a fruit salad to go with the meal. I was quite happy with it.

This is probably the last homemade Swedish meal for a while. I completed 31 of the 52 Swedish recipes you are supposed to make before you die. There are 3 more I plan on making in the wintertime, but I am happy with the knowledge of their food I have obtained on this culinary journey.

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