40 Cloves Garlic Chicken

I made this recipe on chicken butchering day. I use whole heads of garlic though so there was lots of garlic skins in the meal to pick out. I threw the recipe out, but then as we ate the leftovers we realized it is really tasty. And I figured out that I was supposed to peel the garlic cloves. So I pulled the recipe out of the recycling and will definitely try it again.

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Trying to Spoil Indy, Charlotte and Babe

Here are Babe and Charlotte eating candy, cookies and bread in addition to their usual his chow.

pigs with candy, cookies and bread

And Indy is enjoying bread (it must be the angle of the photo because she is certainly not skinny).

Indy with bread

It turns out that the pigs like the Reese’s Pieces best.

pigs and Reeces pieces

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Squash and Pigs

Vegetable garden is so variable for us.  This year seemed extreme.  We failed miserably with corn and tomatoes.  We did well with green beans, radishes, turnips and Swiss chard, like usual.  The beets were eaten again by something, and the parsnips are pitiful.  The basil did tolerably OK, and the onions were a bust.  The carrots are middling.  I might actually get rice for the first time.  The potatoes were middling as well.  The sunflowers did OK.  The cucumbers did fine as they usually do.  But the squash went crazy this year.  We usually do OK with squash, but this year is insane.  We grew large pumpkins I will be able to carve for Halloween.  I have never had such large pumpkins before.  And the acorn, spaghetti and gold nugget squashes went wild.  Here is one wheelbarrow full, and there is at least one more wheelbarrow full out there yet to pick.

I figure squash are a good thing to grow.  If we cannot eat it all, the critters can.  Here is Charlotte eating one of the pumpkins.

So Charlotte remains the friendlier of the pigs.  I pet her most days (some days she would prefer just to eat).  But she was always the smaller of the two.  Now I am not sure.  Here are some comparison photos.  Please let me know what you think.

Babe in front

Charlotte in front

Babe on left and Charlotte on right

Charlotte on bottom and Babe on top of photo


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