Health Update

Ignore this post if here for farm news.

I have now been diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency based on my ACTH stimulation study results. There is information about this condition here. It is probably because of the prednisone used to treat my reactive arthritis but not confirmed yet. I now have to continue the prednisone another 6-7 months and get retested to see if I have recovered. I am also being prescribed fludrocortisone. This may explain my fatigue, shortness of breath and palpitations. But I am not happy about continuing the prednisone during this pandemic where my vaccinations may not have helped me. But at least I feel closer to answers.

Stay tuned for exciting farm news on Saturday!!!

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Farm Birds

This is what I saw at the beginning of my chores this morning.

So cute.  The other two chicks are fine.  They were just hiding better under their mother.

Later in the chores, I saw this.

I am not sure who he is trying to impress, his own shadow maybe?

But he is impressive, isn’t he?

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Visiting a Carder

I did the animal chores as usual, but today was rotating day. The sheep actually followed me to their new pasture. I actually felt like a shepherd.

sheep following me

Then I packed up my/their fleeces,

fleeces going to millAnd brought them to Pacific NW Wool for processing into batts. And we got a tour of the 1922 carder, originally from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Here is the front,

And here is the back.

Here are obligatory Ryeleigh and Steve videos.

What a beautiful day!!!

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