Pot Roast

This recipe is from my Gramma White’s 1950 Betty Crocker cookbook.

I used our beef and the last of our potatoes. Here it is all cooked up.

And here it is on my plate.

It will nourish us to root for a Seahawks win over the Rams. Go Hawks!

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and watching football. Specifically a great New Orleans-San Francisco game. A great way to spend a Sunday after this last week.

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Holiday Festival Products

We have been working hard, making items for the market on Saturday. Yesterday I skeined quite a few natural colored Shetland yarns from our sheep.

I also skeined our CVM yarn and then dyed them. I used Greener Shades Amazon Green and River Blue dyes. Today the dye water had cooled and I rinsed them. Now they are drying.

Today I also needle felted the two mioget Shetland felted fleece rugs I made on Tuesday.

Here is one of the rugs done.

I have two other rugs I previously felted. This is Walda’s black Shetland felted fleece.

And this is Moll’s Gotland-cross felted fleece.

I also made a couple of my funky felted scarves with the leftover fibers. Here is one of them drying.

Tom has been busy all week making leather purses and wallets.

And this evening I made essential oil bath bombs.

Here are the oils I used.

So once again I am exhausted. And we have a lot more to do tomorrow to get ready. Hopefully with all of this effort we will have a successful market.

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