We moved Bug briefly in with the other two cows the other day.  Indy, our black Highland-Dexter pregnant cow, was not thrilled.

She ended up butting Bug pretty hard and we had to remove Bug and her mother from the field again.  Can’t we all just get along?


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died today.

He was born July 5, 2002 to Primolana Garbo and  Bitterroot Ansel.


Suzette and Hansel, December 2002

It is the end of an era for us as he is the last musket (light brown) sheep from Garbo.


Logan and Hansel, December 2002

He made gorgeous wool for us for many years.


Hansel, August 2009

He was terribly skittish though so it was hard to get close.


Hansel sheared, March 2010

Eventually he went blind and then started getting thin.  I started supplementing his feed with grain and bread.  Being blind he would listen for where the bread fell and sniff it out.  I never was able to get close enough to him to feed it from my hand.

sheared Hansel and Lily

Sheared Hansel and Lily, May 2017

In the end he was in a pen with Lily and Logan.  He gDespite our extra feed, he kept getting thinner.  He got to the point where he would fall down and not be able to get up.  And the last two mornings he was shivering.  So it was time to say goodbye.  Although he was never friendly, I still loved him and he will be dearly missed.

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A Calf Named Bug

We have been waiting for this calf for 2 months.  Apparently our Highland Bull was not quite mature enough to breed when we got him.  But he finally got it done.

She was born at 3 AM and immediately was standing.


She and her mom were moved into a pen with straw this morning to make sure her mother paid good attention to her and that she stayed warm.

mom and calf

She is a dark brown color with red undertones.  You can see them best in her back legs.

red butt

Tom suggested we name her Bug.  I thought it was a great name as that was the first name for the town of Sedro, and we had just visited the history museum this last week.  Here is a Skagit River Journal article about it:  http://www.skagitriverjournal.com (I so miss this journal; it was my favorite until Noel’s death).


So welcome to the world little Bug.

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