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Downton Abbey’s Spotted Dick

We had spotted dick once before when I purchased a canned one on a whim from Freddie’s. It was so so. But I figured homemade fresh dick with custard would be much better so made it this afternoon. This recipe … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey Sausage Rolls

This was for our dinner last night. I used the last of our sausage to make them. We didn’t space our sausage consumption well this year, but there is talk of us making our own from our pork steaks. Anyway … Continue reading

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Downton Scones

I had trouble sleeping again last night, likely due to the prednisone. So I gave up at 4:00 and quietly made the scones from the Downton Abbey Cookbook. These scones are different than I am used to. The ingredients are … Continue reading

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