Tired Farm Thoughts

I got home from a night shift at work late today. So I was pretty tired doing the farm chores. But then I noticed a couple of sheepy things that made me smile. First I noticed our future fleeces in the sunshine in all their variety and wooly glory.
Future fleeces in the sunAnd then Moll wanted petting for some reason.

Petting MollSo as I was finishing the chores I got to thinking about how much I love this lifestyle.  I am much more in touch with nature, the earth, the seasons and the weather than I used to be. It is good exercise.  I get to enjoy the most amazing foods and fibers.  I get to meet incredible people and support a wide variety agricultural businesses.  And I get to live with these wonderful animals that make me smile.  This life is exhausting and sometimes incredibly sad, but I still love it.  Now I will take a nap.

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Spring in January?


It was eerily warm today.  Here are the beagles enjoying the sun.sunny beaglesThe roses are budding.  I saw bees today and heard frogs.  Here are the croci blooming.

crociI do not know what this means.  If it is going to turn ugly and cold, or whether we are going to have a mild winter and early spring.  Here’s our thermometer this afternoon.





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Lame Goat Ward

I have been fighting with hoof scald in some of my goats all winter.  In November 2013 I used zinc sulphate foot baths with some success, but the problem has recurred.  So for the last three weeks I have been using the baths again which is a struggle to convince the goats to do.  After all of this effort I still have two limping goats.  So today I moved them into the Lame Goat Ward to keep their feet drier and more easily administer zinc sulphate to their hooves.  So here are Jack and Bambi in their new abode.Lame Goat WardIt seems to be the larger goats here that are prone to this.  It does not seem to be breed specific and except that maybe the Angora goats seem more susceptible.  My theory is that the large goats sink into the mud more, and their hooves stay moister.  I feel bad for them though since they are in pain.  This will work, but the question is for how long. So in addition to the Blind Sheep Ward, we now have the Lame Goat Ward.  This means extra work feeding and watering them separately from the flocks. blind sheep ward

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