Trimming Old Sheep

Bob before trimmingToday I trimmed the wool from three of our seven old skinny sheep.  In March it was too cold to have them sheared, but now the weather is getting warmer, and I do not want them to get too hot. Plus I want them to grow wool back before winter.  Above is Bob before trimming, and below is him afterwards.

Bob after trimming

Bob is one of my first lambs born in 2000.  Here is a photo of me holding him as a lamb.


He was the first lamb I had out of my all time favorite sheep Babette.  Her descendants are the friendliest of our sheep and have wool I love to spin (maybe because I learned with her wool).  Here’s a photo of Babette.

babetteAt 15 we probably will not have Bob much longer.  But I want the rest of his life to be as comfortable as possible.



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Trailer Renovation

is underway!  Tom put caulk on the seams and then two layers of sealant on the roof.  This appears to have stopped all leaks.  I bought a couch for the living/dining room, and Tom bought a chair.  We order a small wood stove for heat.  We hooked up electricity and found that most of the lighting fixtures work.  Tom pulled down the rotten old ceiling and replaced insulation and ceiling beams.  Then today we put up the new ceiling in the front of the trailer.  Below is the new ceiling in place.three piecesWe have some more ceiling to do around the air conditioning unit and into the bedroom.  There is a wall to replace as well.  Tom put in a hearth for the wood stove and pull up the ugly brown carpet and found sparkly gold speckled linoleum underneath.  So we will be pulling up the carpet too.  We have to get the gold propane tanks certified and filled.  Then we can hook them up, check for gas leaks and see if our appliances work or not.  Wish us luck!

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Second Week Beehive Check

bees of top of frameThis afternoon I checked my bee hive again.  Above are the bees climbing between the frames after the lid was removed.  The one in the middle seems to be looking right at me.  Next is looking down the frame after one had been removed.

Looking down frame with bees

Here are the bees working on a frame.

bees working frame

And another less developed frame.

bees on another frame

And finally my first larva seen!  This proves I have a queen working in the hive.

my first larva spotting


And here are several larvae!

a few larvae

I managed not to spill sugar syrup all over this time.  But my smoker gave out on me too quick.  So I am on a learning curve still.


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