Young’uns and Barn Office

chicks in new penSo today I cleaned out one of the pens in the barn and moved the growing rooster chicks in there.  They had outgrown their old space in the feed shed.  There are still 27 of them, and I think I can identify their breeds (6 Dark Cornish, 3 Lt. Brahmas, 3 Buff and 3 White Orpingtons; 3 New Hampshire, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Barred Rocks, and 3 Sussex).  After the trauma of moving, they are happier with their new space.  The other young’uns are growing up too.  Here is Patches and her kids napping in a small shelter in the barn.

Patches and kidsAnd here is Tanya and her lambs.  They are growing fast.  I forgot to get a photo of Margie, our Dexter calf.  She is getting big too.

Tanya and lambsAnd I finally used the barn office for the first time today.  I had been waiting for electricity but decided instead to use a headlamp to light the microscope.  It worked out well.  I did my fecal egg counts in the barn office rather than the dining room table.  Tom will be thrilled.

barn office




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Mini Vacation



A series of events conspired to keep us from camping this weekend, but we have not had a decent vacation since September so decided to do a mini vacation.  Then the I-5 bridge came down, further challenging our plans.  Above is the broken northern end of the bridge, and below is the side view.

I5 bridgeSo our mini vacation involved a quick trip to Seattle.  Because we did not make plans for our beagle, he came along.  We walked around Pike Place Market but it was too crowded, especially for a short beagle so we had a cider at Kell’s on Post Alley.

cider at KellsWe checked into the Olympic Hotel, and Rocky was given bottled water and biscuits on a silver platter (note the biscuits are already gone).

rockys dishesJPGWe went to a dinner show at the Triple Door and saw Duffy Bishop sing.  She covered a couple of Etta James songs ands was amazing, brought tears to my eyes.

DuffyWe slept in the next morning, watched the Indy 500 on TV and had room service breakfast.  I do not think I have ever seen the Indy 500 since I am always busy on Memorial Day weekend. (Tom is shirtless, not naked).

Indy 500We checked out and then headed across the 520 bridge which I have not been over in years and checked out the construction there.

520 bridge constructionAnd headed to Woodinville where we met my mom and Al (step-dad) for some lunch and wine tasting.  We ate at the Purple Cafe (which was really good) and probably had the best wine of the day (the third one on the list below).

wine tastingWe went to 4 wine tasting sites with a beagle in tow, and I bought enough wine to keep me busy for a while.  Then we headed home.  By the time we reach the Skagit River, they had a crane up and we starting to dismantle the collapsed section of bridge.

I5 bridge craneSo we had a nice mini vacation.  And since we were driving at off-times the freeway being out did not affect us too much.  Now we are relaxed and refreshed and ready for farm chores again!








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Bridge and Boots

skagit bridge collapse


Above is the photo from the Skagit Valley Herald of our major north-south freeway bridge collapse yesterday evening.  I was in the emergency room at the time and was impressed by the medical community’s response to this potential catastrophe.  Fortunately nobody perished.  But then this morning I had to figure out how to get home.  I chose a somewhat circuitous route.  The problem is there are a lot of back roads here but very few bridges across the Skagit River.  So any bridge is going to be a bottleneck.  But my plan worked okay and I made it across the river.  In this route I was going near downtown Sedro Woolley so decided to stop and pick up some new mud boots.

Oliver HammerI stopped at Oliver Hammer, the best store to buy mud boots at.  I picked out replacements for my La Crosse alpha burly boots which had lasted through 2 winters (a record for me).  In addition to selling me new boots and socks, I was also convinced to buy some glue that is supposed to fix all the cracks in my old boots.

old and new bootsWe shall see but I may have a back up pair for visitors.  It is odd that a bridge collapse would allow me to support a local small business.  But I have my new boots, socks and glue and am happy for the moment.  But there are going to be many painful months trying to get around in my county.  Wish us luck and patience.



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