Animal Dumping

So periodically animals are dumped on our property.  Tom spotted a couple of hens several days ago.  He caught them and put them in the barnyard, but they escaped again, probably because they did not know where the food was and the rest of the flock chased them out.  We couldn’t catch them again until today I managed to herd them into the barnyard and then into the chicken feed pen.  Here they are after they ate.dumped hens

These birds spent several days without proper water or food under the threat of our dogs and the busy road out front.  They were thin and starving when I got them today.

Usually if we are asked we will take animals in or give a reference to someone else who might.  Dumping animals is a disservice to the animals and the people dumped on.  These birds could carry an infectious disease that could now infect our flock.  If I had been contacted I would have arrange to have these birds in quarantine and then carefully introduced to the flock while being provided with proper shelter and nutrition.  Our business cards are in our produce stand with our email address and phone number so we can easily be contacted before dumping animals on us.

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I Officially Hate Summer

swollen handThis morning I was doing the normal animal chores when I shut the gate at the end of our alley way.  Apparently there are yellow jackets building a nest inside the pipe of the gate, and one of them stung me.  It got me in the right hand through my glove. It hurt like crazy so I knew I got it good.  I took 50 mg of Benadryl and kept my hand elevated above the level of my heart all afternoon.  Despite this my hand and forearm are swelling up nicely.  I did manage to get my ring off though with the help of cold water and Vaseline.

swollen hand side

This sucks.  I am right handed and cannot bring my fingers together.  I did manage to ply yarn I spun from James (Suffolk/North Country Cheviot) yarn with my left hand while I kept my right hand on ice (while watching the Mariner’s replay of Iwakuma’s no-hitter).  Now I am on ibuprofen because it is hurting so much.  I want summer to be over!

James yarn with ice and wine

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is how I am feeling trying to keep up with the animals, garden and orchard with both of us working full-time.

6 quarts of peachesAbove are 6 quarts of peaches from our tree (the first time it has made enough to can).  Below are 13 quarts of green beans I canned.

green beansAnd here is ~5 gallons of plum wine started.

plum wine

We picked another ~80 pounds of plums today from Tom’s sister’s tree.

Meanwhile Tom rented this excavator for farm work this weekend.


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