Farm Birds

barred chicks drinkingToday I was noticing the birds on our little farm.  Above are our Barred Rock mix chicks growing up and drinking water after I removed the ice.  Below are the Araucana mix chicks that like to hang out in the donkey pen.  Two of them are roosters which is unfortunate.

araucana chicks and donkeys


GBH and pigs

There was a GBH on a fencepost of the pigs’ pasture this morning.  We have quite a few of these birds, but I have never seen one on an interior fencepost before.  Here is a closeup (Sorry for the quality.  I am still not allowed to bring my nice camera into the barnyard.)


We kept our “free rare exotic” chick from our last batch of roosters.  He is finding his way in the flock now with the Welsummer rooster asserting his dominance.

exotic and welsummer roosters

And our peachicks are almost all grown up.


And a butt shot.

peacock butt

Looking at the birds distracted me from the frozen ground and water.  We are all sick of the cold.

ice and cows


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Pheasant, Calf, and Bottles

Tom was looking out the kitchen window while he was washing eggs this morning and saw a pheasant rooster!  He looked healthy.  We had thought we had lost the last of our pheasants after they escaped last winter (see Bad Week), but we were wrong.  Tom grabbed my camera and took this photo of him.pheasant

I was wondering if the swans attracted him to our front yard, maybe the lack of dogs (they slept in this morning), or the access to unfrozen water.  Regardless we are happy to see him.  Tom thinks he is smart because he was good at camouflaging himself.

pheasant in trees

Our calf Indy continues to do well.  She is starting to eat more hay and is handling this cold weather well.  She is retaining her colors, dark brown with red highlights.  We are still giving her 2 milk bottles per day.

CalfIn other news, we bottled 3 1/2 cases of perry and plum wines today.  I have one more carboy of blackberry wine still fermenting.  Tom has bottled 24 gallons of cider so far this autumn with 50-60 more to go.



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Schoonover Farm Calendars

are now available.  There is Schoonover Farm calendar,



the Schoonover Farm Animal calendar,



and the Schoonover Farm Fiber calendar.


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