Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

was yesterday.  We decided instead of a romantic tropical vacation that we would have a party with family in a Mariners Suite.  We thought it would be more signficant and memorable.  We had it catered and brought a cake made by Xtra Special Cakes.  She also made our wedding cake.

anniversary cakeWe had a great time.  It was beautiful weather and a well-played game.  It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves.  Here is the family during the seventh inning stretch.

familyAnd here are some us 10 years ago to the day.

DCF 1.0We had a wonderful time, and it will be a memorable anniversary for us.

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Waterfront Blues Festival

We went to the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland Oregon last weekend.  Below are photos and video snips of the artists.  WARNING:  Lots of photos and completely non-farm related.
Blind Boy PaxtonKevin Selfe Big BandPine Leaf Boys

Eric BurdonLil Wayne and Same Ol 2 Step lil wayne

viewKinzel and Hyde

Duffy_2duffy Duffy Bishopduffy bishop_2 John Hiatt Selwyn Birchwood Band Selwyn Birchwood Cooper Cooper and sister

Taj Mahal Taj Mahal_3Taj Mahal_2

Mavis Staples Mavis Staples_2

Robert Plant Robert Plant5Robert Plant3Robert Plant2

Robert Plant1Robert Plant4

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Jenny Caught

Jenny caughtI finally caught Jenny today for her “Spring” maintenance.  I decided she was too old and thin on Shearing Day, but I have not been able to get ahold of her since.  So finally I forced the issue, getting her into the alley and then into the barn and using the hook to get her on the shearing stand.  She is a feisty one.  But with the warm weather I thought she would like to have less wool.  Plus she got her copper bolus, worming medication, hooves trimmed and her CDT shot.  You can see she looks thrilled.  But she will be more comfortable.  And now she can hang out with the other retired sheep and goats, gumming down hay and grain.


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