Goat Packing Trip

Today we did our first goat packing trip off the property.  They did not flunk, and they did better than the llamas, but Tom gave them a D grade.  They had to stop a lot for eating breaks, peeing breaks and laying down breaks.

Because they were averaging about 1 mile per hour, we did not make it to Elbow Lake but instead stopped on a switchback to have our lunch and turned around.

So my dreams of hiking the Washington Pacific Crest Trail are kaput, as are any overnight backpacking trip.  But I had a nice lunch and hike in pretty woods on a gorgeous day with my husband and a couple of goat buddies.  So all is not lost.


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Preserving time

It is that time of the year.  Above are pickle relish (right), roasted pepper salsa (center), and red tomato salsa (left).  Below are red plum wine (left) and Island Belle grape wine (right).

Tom even canned for the first time, putting up 30 quarts of peaches.

Next will be canned tomatoes, canned pears, and, of course, hard apple cider.




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Today represents 10 years since we bought our farm.  We have worked hard these last 10 years to improve the property and its buildings.  We have come a long way!  Please visit our farmhouse restoration page for the before and after photos.

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