Rosie Gets Milk Fever, and Indy Gets Scours

So last evening Rosie was having trouble standing and was not looking after her calf she left out in the rain.  She had milk fever again although not as bad as last year.  We drenched her with CMPK and within 1/2 hour she was walking better and eating grain.  We brought the calf into the barn and got her to nurse and thought all was well.

But then this morning Rosie seemed fine, but Indy was having copious mucousy yellow diarrhea.  Initially I could not get her to nurse.  She could stand but would quickly lay down, and she was breathing fast.  We called the vet and made arrangements to bring her in.  Then we got her to nurse so I was starting to second-guess myself.  But at the vets they said she was dehydrated and acidotic.  She received IV fluids, IV bicarbonate and IV antibiotics, and we were told she will be all better in 2 days.  Here she is just after arriving back home to her mom.  Hopefully they both make a full recovery.
Rosie and Indy

It seems like the name Indy is sticking even though Scotland voted against independence.

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Pregnant RosieSo this morning our Irish Dexter cow Rosie went into labor.  I had to give her CMPK to prevent the milk fever she had last year.  This involved roping her head, tying her to a fence post and shoving the paste down her throat.  After this experience, she was not interested in being close to me so I watched her labor from afar.  I was able to video it from across the pasture with a zoom lens.

At the end of this I realized that her calf was breech.  I was concerned about it when I saw the feet but could not be sure at such a distance, but then the head did not appear and she was not making much progress.  So I stopped the camera and ran and pulled the calf out.  It had quite a bit of secretions and I could not find the bulb suction, but she gradually recovered.


Here she is nursing for the first time.Nursing first timeHere are the neighbors concerned about the new arrival.

upset neighborsShe seems to have some red between her legs, possibly reflecting her Scottish Highland father.

red legs

And here is her sweet face.

calf face

I am thinking about calling her Independence (Indy for short) since she was born on a potentially historic day.




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Getting Creative with Cucumbers


We have an abundance of cucumbers this year.  Not sure what Tom was thinking when he started so many plants last spring.  I have been eating them every day in my salad for lunch.  I have been making cucumber infused water, more pickles then I could every possibly eat and even made a facial with some (which made a big mess).  We have been selling them in the farm stand and feeding them to the chickens, but we are still overwhelmed with them.  So I googled around trying to find something else to do with them.  I found a recipe for a cucumber cocktail.

Cucumber cocktail

Most of the cocktail recipes I found only use a slice or two of cucumber, but this one used quite a bit.  And it is actually tasty too.

Then I found a recipe for Cucumber and Smoked Salmon Sandwiches.  It is on Martha Stewart’s site (not somewhere I usually go).  So I made them for a snack today, with some modifications.

Cucumber and smoked salmon sandwichesThey were good.  Not very flavorful unless you got a piece of jalapeno, but they are certainly different then the endless salads I have been eating.  So I manage to consume several cucumbers today.  We will see how many grew today while I was using these ones.  Tomorrow I have plans for a large greek salad.

Below is just a photo of our cat Izzy in the sun this morning.

Izzy in morning sun



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