Bambi 2004-2016

We got Bambi from an elderly woman we befriended in Bellingham.  She had bred one of her Nigerian does to our buck Cody, and Bambi was one of the results.  She had brought him to be castrated and disbudded by a vet, but his horns grew anyway.  She really did not want to deal with horns so we took Bambi.  She was being forced from her home of many years by expansion of the Guide-Meridian street in Whatcom county.  We were helping her by buying and recycling the barn siding as well as getting some of her rabbit hutches, her rabbitry signs, and a plastic Christmas tree.  

Here are photos of Bambi in 2005,


in 2009,


in 2011 (failing to learn to pack),

bambi and sparrow pack training with llamas watching

and in 2014.


He has always been a skittish goat but never caused any problems.  Yesterday when I went out to the barn two of our goats Zeus and Billy and our llama Walker were all attacking him.  He was trying to get away, but they were just pummeling him.  I do not know what triggered this.  I had not seen violence like this before.  I moved Bambi into a pen with two small goats.  He could walk fine, fake butted the little goats and ate some grain.  So I thought maybe he escaped serious internal injury, but this morning he was dead.  A very sad Valentine’s Day event.  But Tom said he thinks Bambi had a good life here despite its violent end.  

In better VD news, Tom bought me a nice bouquet of flowers and a sweet card.  I bought him some local artisan chocolates.  

valentines presents

We are planning on cooking a nice dinner with tenderloin steaks from our Highland bull with baked potatoes and asparagus.  We will have nice wine and cider.  And I made a Key Lime pie for Tom for dessert.

key lime pie

And I made a Quinoa Chocolate Cake for my dessert.  If they are good I will post the recipes.

quinoa chocolate cake

So it is a day of death and romance on Schoonover Farm.

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Happy Valentine’s Day


I will be enjoying it with my sweetie.

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Schoonover Farm Puzzles

I have been enjoying making online jigsaw puzzles with some of my favorite photos that also seem like they would also make good puzzles.  The puzzles all have roughly 100 pieces, but the ones with rotate in the title you need to rotate the pieces which makes it harder.  I have been working on one puzzle an evening, and it has been enjoyable.  I need to stay home with Mopar and work on getting her to eat, cleaning up after her, and keeping her warm.  So puzzles are a nice distraction.  The puzzles are at and the photos I used to make the puzzles are below.

popcorn open shawl pigs in trough chicks in box motley crew 3 hens Autumn sun swans first shot sheep backs chloe sunlitrooster rabbitsandhay turkey goatherd goatsstove peacockfront lambsoil rabbits3weeksthree ramsDONNA SUNSET MOPAR

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