The Deed is Done

cartFirst was that Tom finished the backup cart today.  Here it is with the paint still drying.  The before photo is here.

But the deed was that the bucks were castrated by the vet today.  Here they are recovering from their sedative.  A bad buck day, but they will have overall happier lives without testicles.

sedated bucksAnd a gratuitous, more upbeat peacock shot from yesterday’s sunshine.




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Red Wine Grapes

We drove to Cloud Mountain Farm Center today and purchased 4 red wine grape vines.  Two are Rondo, and two are Regent.  These will replaced the grape wines our goats ate a couple of years ago and have not grown back.  While we were there we were tempted and bought a York elderberry bush, a Harry Masters Jersey cider apple tree, a sage, a rosemary and a thyme plant.  On the way back we stopped and ate lunch at the Acme Cafe and then came home and planted.  A good way to spend a Sunday.

wine grapesPS  The cart is not quite fixed and no news on the sheep.


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The Return of Gertie and Wiki


So yesterday we picked up Gertrude and Wiki from a local goat rescue.  We had sold them as kids in 2007 but apparently have since been badly neglected.  Their health, maintenance and nutritional needs were not met, and animal control and the rescue got involved.  I saw photos of them on the rescue’s facebook page and recognized Wiki.  The rescue’s owner was kind enough to let us take them back.  She had already trimmed years’ worth of hoof overgrowth and treated their extensive lice.  They are still have some trouble walking and have open sores and missing hair but are on the road to recovery.  They are understandably quite fearful, especially Wiki, but hopefully will settle down soon.  I am not sure if they will recognize us or not, but at least they will have a good home.  Sadly, the third goat kid we sold them, Little Queenie, had died.

wikiThe next issue is that the “farm” that had these goats still has sheep that are also neglected, including three that I sold them.  These sheep are all pictured as lambs in our blog’s banner.  I am desperately trying to get these sheep back as well, working with animal control and 2 rescue groups.  They apparently have not been sheared in years and presumably have the same hoof and nutritional issues.  Wish us luck trying to get these sheep better homes before any more die.

This all brings a very sick feeling to me and to Tom.  We love animals and try very hard to take good care of them.  To have animals that we brought forth into the world and carefully raised suffer neglect like this is hard to stomach.  So, because we obviously cannot tell good home from bad ones, we are going to quit breeding animals for sale.  This will be a financial hit for us as the majority of our farm income is from these sales, but we will try to offset the difference by increasing our sales of our other products, including meat.  We will also stop providing breeding services (another financial hit).  Unfortunately we already bred last fall and do not have the space to keep these lambs and kids so one more time we will try to find them good homes.  I am considering having a signed contract from the buyers.  We will wether our bucks and let our rams retire.  We have had enough.


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