I posted the photo of the cider so I could provide a warning.  If you do not want to see a dead chicken photo, do not scroll down.

Today was chicken butchering day.  19 roosters were collected last night and brought to Lynden Meats to “meet their maker” as Tom put it.  And they came back in packages, and all but this one (named “Dinner”) are in the freezer.

The older roosters and the hens are much happier today, having been terrorized by these roosters since their adolesence.  It will be a lot quieter in the barnyard now.

P.S. We will be at the Holiday Festival Saturday at Beau Lodge (17581 Wood Rd., Bow) from 10-4 selling our wares (Gotland-Finn fleeces, dyed Shetland roving and a variety of yarn skeins as well as apple pressing).  There are ~30 other vendors with arts and crafts as well as music and hot apple cider.


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Animals Like Jack O Latterns

The hoggies like them.  So do the sheep.

The geese like them, and the chickens do too.

In addition to feeding jack o latterns to the critters, we did our fourth apple pressing session today.  This is the first time this year that we pressed traditional cider apples.  We press Kingston Black, Brown Snout, Yarlington Mill, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Spitzenberg, Breakwell, Tomm Putt, Ribston Pippin, Foxwhelp, Bulmers Norman, and Mettais apples.  The photo is of the Kingston Blacks and Brown Snouts being pressed.  Notice the deep rich color.  There is going to be some excellent cider this year!




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Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant us Peace)

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