Early Valentine’s Day


We are celebrating early since I have to work tomorrow.  We are doing a low-key dinner at home.  I based the dinner on King’s Landing.  I made Poudre Forte using the Grains of Paradise I purchased the other day.  Above is the mixture.  In the cookbook there is a great quote about this spice, “Powder-fort…seems to be a mixture likewise of the warmer spices, pepper, ginger &cc pulverized. -THE FORME OF CURY, 14TH CENTURY”

With the Poudre Forte I made Roast Boar (but had to substitute pig instead).  Here it is coming out of the oven.


To accompany this I made Oatbread.  It has dates and apple bits in it and was actually the best part of the meal (although the pork was good too).


We also had Sweetcorn fritters.  These are not sweet and actually did not have a lot of flavor so not that exciting.


For dessert (once we find some room in our stomachs), we are going to have Layered Coconut Cake.  This was an all day endeavor so hopefully is tasty.  Tom loves coconut cake so really want this one to be good.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

P.S. I have started a new blog dedicated to the food I am making from the Game of Thrones cookbook.  The first post is at https://feastsoficeandfire.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/first-blog-post


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Weaving Is Dangerous

After the Running of the Bull yesterday, the weather was too crappy to do much.  With the torrential rain and wind we could not prune, replace a shed roof nor fix the tarp shelter used for our farm equipment.  So I decided I would have an indoor day and prepare a warp for a weaving project I have been wanting to do for years, but have not had time.

I was looking at the loom to get it ready to put a warp on it.  I pulled it out from the wall to look at the back, forgetting about the bench in it.  The bench fell over and the edge of it got my right foot’s fourth toe.  Here is the result (excuse the old polish):toe

I knew right away that it is probably broken.  I get an intense sharp pain when I bear any weight on it.  I can walk OK with house slippers and my Merrells, but found out this morning the barn boots are too painful.  Here is a close up.


And here is the offending loom and bench.  I had no idea weaving was so dangerous.  But as Tom points out, you cannot leave me alone for even a second.


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So we have been looking for a Highland bull to breed to our cows.  We found some advertised, and Tom went out to look at them on Monday.  They were in Whatcom County which has been hammered by snow, making travel difficult.  These photos are of the bull he picked out that day.


So today the farmer had him caught in a corral, and we drove out there this morning to pick him up.  There has been more snow in Whatcom county but even more dangerous now it is raining heavily.  So while Tom had to drive on compact snow and ice Monday, today he had to drive on thick slush.  Here is one of the roads.


But we made it, and Tom backed the livestock trailer to the corral gate.  Convincing the ~10 month old bull to stay in the trailer was interesting, but we got it done and travelled home.  Then we let him into our field.  This was not a problem, but he was freaked out, did not see the gates to get to the cows, and end up jumping one fence and one gate to get part of the way there.  He tried another fence with barbed wire but thankfully only scratched his nose in the process.  Finally he went through the last gate, got to the cows and was happier.  Here he is with the cows (and a llama) eating nice hay.


I want to call him Tormund.  He is red, wild, and hopefully interested in large, tough females.  Here he is (with a cloudy lens from all the rain).



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