Nettle Soup

So I made my annual nettle soup last night.  Ip iced nettles in the rain and got stung on my fingers through the gloves.  Great fun!  But here is the soup all cooked up.

And here it is ready to serve with sour cream and crushed red peppers on top.

It is really yummy and worth the effort.  We rewatched the last season’s finale of GOT with the soup (Tom had a burrito).  Although the recipe is likely not medieval, it feels like it is.

Tonight it gets real medieval.

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Ice Zombie

My friend Tina suggested I make this today while I was at a Spindrifters meeting. I thought I had all the ingredients but when I got home I realized we had canned lite coconut milk and no pineapple juice, but we had orange juice. So I made these substitutions, and here is how the drink came out:

I think it looks more sinister than the original with the sinking white stuff. Not my usual drink as it is quite sweet but fun to make. Thanks Tina!

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Cool Whip Eggs and Braised Oxtail

Interesting cooking today. I hard boiled 28 of our multicolored eggs. I had already bought and thawed some Cool Whip ( not something I usually buy). And I already have neon food coloring for our bath bombs. I put them all together with the help of a recipe and got this:

That was great fun. I think I will do this each spring.

I also braised an oxtail. I found one in a garbage bag in the bottom of our freezer mixed in with pig organs. I am guessing it was freezer burnt. I did not know it was in there as Tom said the butcher did not save the tail for me. I had saved a couple of recipes hoping for a tail so tonight finally tried one.

It took a long time but here it is all cooked up,

And here is my serving ( mostly bone).

It was really rich and flavorful. I am glad I made it. So if you find an oxtail in the bottom of your freezer, I would suggest you try this.

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