Signs of Spring on our Farm

This morning, the chicks in the hay loft finally hatched. A few days ago 4 eggs had fallen out of the nest, and the immature chicks inside had died. This morning there were four chicks under the mother hen on the floor of the hay loft, but the other 4 chicks were not initially found. We eventually found 2 dead chicks in the barn below so we presume the other 2 met a similar fate. But 4 chicks were alive. I handed Tom a feed bucket, and we moved them into the weasel-proof pen.

Catching the mother was more difficult, but finally we rounded her up, and there were all safe and sound in their pen.

Apart from spring chicks, the forsythia is blooming.  It has really grown since we moved here, but it is spectacular.

The daffodils are also blooming here.

Here are the obligatory Ryeleigh photos:

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Beremeal and Buttermilk

So I have a sack of beremeal that is good until May, but also buttermilk that is expiring now.  So on Friday I made Jeremy Lee’s beremeal treacle soda bread to go along with our own grilled pork chops and corn on the cob for dinner.  Here it is out of the oven.

I wasn’t sure Tom would like it, but we both loved it.  I still had buttermilk though so I decided to also make Orkney Beremeal and Oat Farmhouse Loaf.  This took an hour to bake so wasn’t ready until after dinner.  Here it is out of the oven.

So this bread is even better.  It is amazing.  But sadly there was still some buttermilk left that I had to toss, and I used up the last of my Golden Syrup.  But I still have Black Treacle and Beremeal for more baking adventures for another month.

Now the obligatory Ryeleigh photos: here is my view coming home from work this morning (after driving by daffodil fields on the way home).  Tom was holding her so she wouldn’t  get through the gate when I opened it into our busy road.

Here is a closer view.  She wanted to greet me so badly.

But I received an excellent beagle welcome as soon as the gate was closed.  Happy Sunday to all!

PS If you want to know more about Beremeal and it’s Orkney mill go to

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Stinging Nettle Quiche with Smoked Alaska Salmon

I made this recipe for dinner last night. I made it crust less. It called for 6 eggs, but I substituted one goose egg for three of the chickens’.

I used some of our abundant nettle crop. The recipe calls for Drifters Fish smoked salmon. Although I buy salmon from them each year, I haven’t bought smoked salmon from them yet. So I must confess I used store bought. But here is my quiche.

It was really tasty. I think it will go on my list of yearly nettle recipes along with nettle soup and nettle pizza.

P. S. After dinner I got to play with my action figure. Check out all of the accessories!

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