Lots of Grass

We have a lot of grass now.  Here are the cows on their field.

Here is another view of our “hay” field.And here are the sheep in their field.

We decided to start cutting the grass in the “hay” field.  We need to get the first cutting down so the second cutting grass would have time to grow before the summer.  And we need to test our haying equipment before then to make sure it works.  We did know that is was supposed to rain this weekend but wanted to make whatever progress we could.  So here is Tom getting the sickle bar mower ready.

And here he is cutting the field.  It was a learning curve to get the cutter to work well, but Tom figured it out.  By the time he finished the field yesterday it was cutting quite well.   And this morning the predicted rain came in the form of a thunderstorm.  Here is Steve (who never comes in the house) hiding under out dining room table.  Tom stayed in the house with Steve while I did the chores in the storm.  It was a little unnerving walking in the fields with the lightening and thunder.  But I got it done.  I did take a little extra time in the dryness of the barn to watch the chicks.  I counted between 27 and 29 of them (difficult with all their movement).  Here are some that are changing their feather colors still.

It will be an indoor afternoon.  I plan on making some bath bombs and doing some cooking.  I am on a low fiber diet this weekend which is a challenge since I eat vegetables with almost every meal.  So I am focusing on some childhood favorites/comfort foods like fried egg sandwich for lunch and macaroni and cheese with hot dogs for dinner.  We have some streaming blues music planned for this evening.

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Boles Views

As I had mentioned, I walked around the Boles trailer land and took photos of the wildflowers with my Canon camera.  Here are some of the flowers I saw:

Here is some lichen:

Here is one of the surviving pine trees that was planted after the fire:

Here are the butterflies I saw:

Here is a Blue bird I saw:

Here is Steve enjoying himself:

And here are the volcanoes surrounding us:

It was a gorgeous day!

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Quick Trip to the Boles

We went to the Boles.  It was exciting because there is a man hunt going on just to the north of us.

We brought Steve who loved it.

Steve and I walked around. I took photos of the mountains, flowers and butterflies with my nicer camera. Tom sprayed the undercarriage of our Boles and the bunkhouse with mouse repellent. Then the three of us sat in the shade of a pine tree and just relaxed. It was so nice sitting there in the grass.

Then it was cocktail hour, and I made a Stout Sangaree. It is Irish Stout, ruby port and some grated nutmeg on top.

I enjoyed it on the new picnic table my brother built while Tom enjoyed a cider.

Then we had an amazing dinner with our T-bones steaks and relaxed, enjoying the view and sunset.

We slept well, and I woke up to a meadowlark singing this morning. We packed up and headed home. It was a short but sweet trip.

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