Chicken Day

The sunrise this early morning was gorgeous.


Today was chicken butchering day.  We caught 18 chickens and 1 turkey last night and this morning loaded them into carriers and moved them into the back of the truck.


It was a pretty drive to Acme where they were dropped off.  When I returned the barnyard was a lot quieter.  Our old Welsummer rooster seemed to perk up.  And his harem went from one to 8.

Welsummer harem

Little Man’s harem went from 2 to 5.

Little Mans harem

I picked the chickens and turkey up this afternoon in packages.  The chickens ranged from 3# to 6#.  This is one of the 3# ones, destined for our dinner.

3# chicken

And here is our label.


We decided not to butcher about a dozen of the hens as they are laying so well, and it is good for our egg business.  But a guy has been stealing our eggs from our stand.  Tom caught him the other day, and he did not take the eggs.  But today he did.

It is so discouraging to go through all the work and expense of raising the chickens, as well as collecting and washing the eggs just to have some dirtbag steal them.

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Moneygun Hot Toddy

It has been warm and sunny during the day but cold at night. We had our first frost the night before last. And sunset here is at 6:00. So I decided it was time to try this hot toddy recipe I had saved. I do not have Darjeeling tea so used my Welsh tea. I used dark rather than black rum. But it is quite good. And very nice on a dark cold October night.

And it might help me get over my cold.

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Tom is off hunting so I get to pick dinner solo. But we need to clear out the freezer to get ready for butchering later this month. So I chose this Swedish Beef Stew. It is a simply recipe, and I did not have high expectations. But it is actually really good. The odor while simmering was amazing, and the taste was equally good. The recipe is definitely a keeper, best for a cold winter’s night.

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