Newspaper Article About Our Reunion

So this is n article about our reunion and the imperfect google translation of it. It is not a flattering photo of me, and I am probably not famous now. But it is fun to be featured is a Swedish newspaper.

9 Västerbottningen 8 August 2019 Countries merge OSKAR through the relationship ANDREW we so well cared for and now we will try to do the same for our guests from the US and Canada, says Gull-Britt Some who visited Sweden for the first time were Donna Schoonover and Elin Showalter from Seattle in the US – We are here in Sweden because we want to see the country where our grandfather and grandmother grew up, says Elin And it is a fantastic experience to meet these people, Donna adds. Botsmark / VINDELN. Over a hundred people from Sweden, the United States and Canada gathered during a family reunion last weekend. One of the highlights was to visit the Botsmark site where eight siblings emigrated, hoping for a better life in Canada. EMIL Outside the hotel Vindelgallerien is a sign with the text: Welcome / Welcome to the It is fantasy- Johansson / Johnson family to have a reunion. The Swedish, Canadian and American flag flavors symbolize the 112 people who participate in rations and family reunions, of which 31 are from Canada and the United States. different countries. The youngest participant comes from the US and is three years old, the oldest is 88 years – It is fantastic to have Canada, probably because of a bond between different generations and different countries, says Ann-Brith Edlund, who participated during the weekend band between their grandmother and grandfather met in Seattle. Grandfather was Ann-Brith Edlund from Bynäset and grandmother from Svensbyn, Piteå came mouth -Farmor influenced our lives and held together the Swedish siblings who did not move to the age -Four of the siblings emig-family. We often met our rowers from Canada’s Swedish family in the United States and Seattle to the United States, and the rest were offered, among other things, on butter, stayed in Canada, ask goose-table corrects Gull-Britt. It was very disappointing for a few disappointed that she was not the families, they became their own entrepreneurs, adds Ann-Brith Why the family meeting went off in the Vindeln was a bit of a coincidence. The weekend offered, among other things, auctions, games, entertainment, root causes and a trip to Bynäset in Botsmark, Umeå municipality. A place that today is deserted. Gull-Britt I must say that I spoke so much Swedish with us, and that we did not receive any recipes for Swedish law, says Donna. But Elin remembers a couple in 2013, a large family was organized in the United States, which also attracted over a hundred people, and three years later Swedish words that she wants to say goodbye to Väster Johansson’s grandfather, Bynäset lived another time. One of the words is butter Gull-Britt Johansson shows pictures of the family of Donna Schoonover from the US who visited Sweden for the first time ever. Photo: EMMAGARZON EMMA GARZON but he was the only one of nine – When we were in the US

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Sweden Loot

So the bus from the airport to Skagit County last night had a flat tire in Marysville. So it stopped at the Donna’s truck stop to wait for a replacement bus. Thankfully Tom drove down to rescue me. Another passenger’s husband rescued her too, but we left the rest of the poor souls on the bus. Not sure when they got home, but I got home at 10:00. I was exhausted but did finally get some sleep last night (after 26 hours).

But I did bring some loot home. This is what I bought at the reunion’s silent auction.

The Dala horse glasses came in handy for drinking cocktails late at night at the reunion. The Swedish Fish from Canada were nice to nibble on during my three flights yesterday. The shethook will go in my fiber studio. And the bag was very useful for getting the loot home.

Here is what I got for myself along the way. It is mostly sheepy stuff from Gotland (a lamb pelt, a colorful ram cup and a small stuffed sheep), but also yarn from Skansen and a brochure from Ice Hotel.

And finally I bought Swedish tools for Tom to try to thank him for taking care of the farm so I could go on this trip.

There is a folding rule, a nice axe, a small pry bar and a reindeer antler flint with Sami inscriptions. Swedish iron is supposed to be among the best so their tools are reputed to be high quality. But they are somewhat hard to find. Tom says his presents are great so I was successful in picking out good gifts for him.

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The Trip Home

Mom and I woke up at 5:00 AM to catch the bus in Luleå to the airport for a flight to Stockholm. Here is the view leaving Luleå.

We then finally had some Swedish pizza for brunch there.

Here are my final views of Sweden as we flew away. It made me sad.

We had some nice scenery flying into Iceland for a brief layover.

I had a tasty fish dish at their airport.

Then we flew over Greenland then Canada to get to Seattle.

Now I am waiting for the shuttle bus to take me to Skagit County. I only slept briefly on my last flight. And it is 4:00 am Swedish time. So I am tired. But will be thrilled to get back home to my husband and our farm. I think I will sleep well tonight.

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