Olivia’s Birthday

She is 24 years old today.  I got her in 2001 as a guard animal for my sheep and goats.  She was added in addition to a guard llama Swirl I had.

Olivia at our wedding

2003 at our wedding

In 2004 she was getting way too fat on the pastures here so I had to move her away from the sheep and goats onto a pen of wood chips.  So we bought Marty to keep her company.

donkeys 2006


We briefly tried to teach them to pack but crossing water was a no-go.  But she does a good job of guarding still, letting us know if there are predators in the area.



Olivia used to have quite a bit of hoof problems including abscesses that needed soaking.  Fortunately her hooves have improved over the years.



She is quite friendly and tolerant of me.

Reindeer Olivia


She is also great with farm visits, particularly children.

open farm day

2015 farm day

And she likes her treats.



I just love her.



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Growing Up

Today I noticed that the chicks are growing up.  They are starting to roost in their weasel-proof pen.

I also noticed Sydney (our 2016 calf) and Bug (our January calf) are getting bigger.

Then I noticed something on Sydney.

A teat!  And then I noticed some udder development.

So our little Sydney is now a cow and going to calve this summer.  Here she is just last year:


And then, of course, I have to add Miss Maddie Moo.

Miss Maddie

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Homemade Barbecue Sauce

Last night’s dinner was a limited success. I prepared Bourbon-Marinated Steaks. On the plus side, I sipped on a Grampa Stone Old Fashioned. But you really could not taste the marinade well on the Tom grilled steaks so not worth the 1/2 cup of bourbon.

But I also made Homemade Barbecue Sauce. This turned out well. I used a larger can of tomatoes which helped it be less spicy. I like the fact it is sweetened with dates. Plus it is super easy. So this was a big hit. Here it is in the blender.

I also made Garlic Roasted Radishes. This was not too successful. Tom wouldn’t try one. To me they tasted a lot like turnips, and I am not a huge fan. So I will stick with fresh radishes.

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