Three Pigs

So today we picked up our pigs finally.  We were delayed this year because we had to fix the pig pen after the cottonwood debacle.  Here they are:

three pigletspiglet in the strawthree piglets right sidepiglets rootingthree piglets left side

backlit piglets

Our daughter and son-in-law brought their dog Halo over, and he was enamored by them:

Halo and pigletHalo and piglets

Here is a video of them rooting around:

Grandson William enjoyed the farm visit, although I think he likes machinery more than critters:

Tom and William on quadWilliam on tractor

Today was a really nice day.

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The Color White

white feathers

was apparent to me this rainy Spring morning.  The first thing I noticed was this area of white feathers.  This means one of our white hens was eaten by a predator last night, most likely a raptor.  Here is a closer look:

close up of feathers

The pile of feathers was getting smaller as the barn swallows wer rapidly picking them up to make their nests.  Recycling in action.

swallow gathering feather

Here are the other white things I noticed as I did my morning chores:

3 white turkey chicks

crabapple trees and Rocky

rainwater tanks

dandelion seed head

white flowers in seed drill with Rocky

spring onions picked for dinner

one white egg

magnolia flower

Dete face

one of two remaining white hens

Walker’s face and neck

Dean’s butt

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first goslings 1997

Today is my 20th goosiversary.  I received my first goslings on this day in 1997.  Above is the photo of them.  Like with my chickens, I went crazy taking too many photos.  Here is photo of them a little bit older.

goslings growing up

goslings growing up 1997

and a little older yet.

gosling with feathers

gosling with feathers 1997

teenage goslings

teenage goslings

I got them thinking mistakenly that they would eat slugs.  They do not eat slugs.  I even tried mixing slugs with grain to try to get them used to it.  So it turns out they were no use to me, but I have had them in my life ever since.  Here are the first geese grown up.  There are four Toulouse and 3 Pilgrim geese.

goslings all grown up with honky in background

goslings all grown up with Honky in background

I had one of my first heartbreaks of farming when in April of 2000 I was tired from work and forgot to lock them into the barnyard.  My favorite Sweetpea went missing that night, presumably eaten by coyotes.  Geese are pretty tough though.  We lost 2 geese in 2004 after we moved but it is rare for a goose to die.  

We did hatch 9 goslings after we moved to our new farm and here they are, a mixture of Toulouse and Pilgrim geese.  

goslings 6/2006 with Honky

goslings 6/2006

 Honky, my original white male Pilgrim goose, died in the cold weather in 2008.  You can see him in the preceding photos.  

Geese have interesting faces:

goose face 2/2009

They do great in cold weather (unless they are old):

geese in snow 11/2010

They guard the inside of the barn:

geese and sheep eyes 1/2011

They enjoy puddles:

geese swimming in pasture 1/2011

They patrol the barnyard:

geese 4/2011

They have amazing feathers:

goose feathers 4/2011

They like pumpkins:

geese and pumpkins 11/2012

They have amazing necks:

goose 1/2014

They have huge (and tasty) eggs:

goose egg 4/2015

They do not mind flooding:

geese in flood waters 11/2015

They like baked goods:

Chickens and geese 7/2015

And they fight off bald eagles trying to eat our chickens:

attack geese 4/2016

So, all and all, I like having geese round.  They are loud and annoying, but they also make me smile and defend their barnyard.  They seem to live forever and mostly eat grass.  So I cannot complain about my 20 years with geese, even if they do not eat slugs.

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