Roving for Sale

We have rovings for sale.  They are from the shearing of our sheep.  They are all natural colored.  The sheep were carefully shorn, and the fleeces skirted well.  The wool was sorted and sent to Zeilinger or Stonehedge Mill for processing into roving.  They are for sale for $3 per ounce.

We have five natural shades from our Shetland sheep.  They are (from left to right) mioget katmoget, mioget, moorit, grey and black.  Then we have some brown CVM roving on the right.  What I have left is the mioget katmoget and moorit.

The mioget katmoget roving is from our sheep, Jemima and Ewegenie.  They have intermediate style Shetland fleeces.  The resulting roving is cream colored and soft.

 The moorit roving is from our sheep Amanda, Miss Lizzie and Heidi.  They have intermediate style Shetland fleeces.  Their wool is chocolate brown and soft.

Please email me at if you have any questions about these fibers.  I can send you samples too.  And, if you have not already, please check out our yarn page at Yarn for Sale and our fleece page at Fiber for Sale.  There are photos of our sheep at Our Sheep Flock page.  Thanks for visiting!

17 Responses to Roving for Sale

  1. Esther Phelps says:

    do you have some NDG wethers for sale that are available now?


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  3. Candis Morth says:

    I would love to purchase 8oz of Jet’s
    Shetland wool with peacock barbs.
    Just let me know.
    Thank you,


  4. Kyla says:

    Would you happen to have any bunnies for sale?


  5. Karen Buchner says:

    I am just starting to look for two Shetland lambs for my two Granddaughters to possible show 4-H. I am still learning the standards and colors to make a better informed purchace. Do you have any young stock for sale? I have not even learned the market value of them as yet. But I went to the breeder’s list for WA. and your name is there and you are more local to us. Any info. and advise apprieciated. thanks


    • Donna says:

      Hi Karen,
      We do not have any sheep for sale. But I know other shepherds that might. I will email you to see if you want me to pass your information on to them.


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  7. I have a question because I have never spun a Shetland fleece before. What does the word intermediate mean in reference to the fleece? Thank you, Suzanne


    • Donna says:

      Hello Suzanne,
      Some people categorize Shetland wool into three types. There is the fine fleeces which are more consist in fiber length and micron width through the fleece. There are double coated fleeces which have more varying fiber lengths and micron widths even within the same lock and tend to have more variation across the fleece. And then there are the intermediates that are in between these two extremes. I personally love spinning the intermediate and double coated fleeces and feel that they are great for any project that does not need a fine wool.


  8. Chris Thompson says:

    Hello Donna I would like to purchase some of your roving fibers. I need a price please.


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  10. Robin McCamont says:

    Hi, Donna,
    I just discovered your website (newbie spinner here! – about 5 months now), and I was wondering if you still have any roving available for sale? I’m also looking to expand my spinning experiences with different varieties of fiber…! Thanks!


    • Donna says:

      Hello Robin,
      I do have roving for sale. I have all the rovings shown on my sale page that you commented in ( I also have a moorit (dark chocolate brown) that was recently sent from the spinning mill that is luscious. I am going to a Holiday Festival on November 11, selling my roving so I may run out of some colors there. So if you are interested in some please let me know before then. I will email you as well.
      Let me know if you have any questions. And I can send samples.


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